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Chrome Material design for MacOS was part of the second wave of deployment of the new Chrome Core UI design on desktop.
First to be updated was Chrome OS.

Similarily to its Chrome OS counterpart, and while using Cocoa, the Mac version of the Core UI ditches bitmap assets in favor of complete programmatic rendering. The new chrome for Mac also gets the new dark incognito mode.

My responsibility on this project was to design, spec and work closely with Engineering to bring the new design to life in its smallest details. Engineering worked tirelessly to give Chrome this revamp, making it more inline with it's MacOS environment and more consistent with the Chrome brand.

At the same time I was working on the Core UI, other team-members worked on other core features of the browser, also featured in a few of the screenshots below such as the new Omnibox security visuals (created by Max Walker) or the new inner pages: downloads and history (created by Alan bettes)

The new history page, designed by Alan Bettes
The new history page, designed by Alan Bettes
The inspector in MacOS, work of Max Walker
An excerpt of some of the spec used to implement the new design

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