I sometimes write about my work, thoughts, ideas and experiences on Medium.

Redesigning Chrome desktop

The value of a pixel

A quite lengthy article (~30min) discussing in details the 2 year long process that lead us to the redesign of Chrome Core UI which was released on Windows in september 2016. In this publication, I talk about design process, relationship with engineering, technical details as well as initial public and internal feedback and the lesseons learned from it.


The weight of design

Thoughts on the importance of the design process, compared to other factors.

I wrote a few words about something that have been in my mind for quite a bit now:
The weight of design within a product and my bias towards design as a solution.


Redesigning Chrome Android. Part 1 of 2

Content, not Chrome.

The first part of a lenghty two parts article describing the decisions and design choices made during the Chrome Material redesign, shipped in october 2014. A year after the first announcement of Material Design (I/O 2014), this article is a post-mortem on what the Chrome team did to try and move the web forward on the Android platform, from my point of view as a Visual designer.


Making the switch

Comments and ideas about Sketch, its place in design, usage and future

On november 24th, tuto.com, a french tutorial website interviewed three designers: Jean-marc Denis, Philippe Hong and myself to talk about Sketch and design in general. The questions were spot on and the answers from my peers very interesting so I decided to translate it for my english readers...


I don't always solve problem

Thoughts about following your own path as a designer

I have read a fair number of articles lately talking about what designers should be able to do and what they should be able to produce to be efficient at what they are doing. Telling their audience what sort of designer they should become to fit in their ever evolving environment...


Sketch tutorial 01

Colorful switch

After a bit more than a month using Sketch 3, I feel confident enough to share a part of my workflow in form of a tutorial. To do so, I’m going to be describing how to create the Colorful switch freebie I made as it uses a lot of interesting features Sketch has to offer and is not extremely long to do...


A month with Sketch 3

Notes and experience

A bit more than a month ago was my first day hopping on the hype train that is Sketch 3. I was determined to give it a try and delivered a few thoughts on it. Now that I used it extensively, on various complex projects during this period, I feel like I can give a better opinion on it, something a bit more helpful...


A few more things

Advices for young designers

I’m reluctant do advice. It usually takes me a while to accept and process an one. I’m naturally inclined to do the exact opposite of what I’m told, just because. I do not have a reason. Everybody is inclined to defy a certain level of “authority”. It usually goes this way: Refuse the advice -> Do my own thing -> Failing -> Applying the advice without telling the adviser. That’s my process, for good or bad. After all, “who are you to tell me what to do ?”...


Giving Sketch 3 a try

Quick thoughts about the first day

I don’t like change. It makes me uncomfortable. Especially when it involves something that I’ve learned to use and appreciate for years, Photoshop.

When I first read about sketch I was naturally skeptic about it. I thought it was just a thing that was going to be hyped for a little while and then face the fate of numerous “gonna solve all the things” tools.

I would gladly admit that part of the reason behind this is that Sketch had the audacity and the nerve to confront head on what I assumed was the best and only way to do things, also know as “my way”...


How I joined Google

Personal story and experience

When I joined Google a little more than 2 years ago, I was asked by a few people to tell the story of how I got there and what my experience was. I promised I would but I never actually did. Maybe I was shy, maybe I didn’t have the time or maybe I simply thought, probably wrongly, that it wasn’t interesting enough. I decided to finally honor that promise and write about it. I hope this is not too late and that it will be useful to some people. I will try my best to sum up my experience and stories and provide a few advices from them...


In search of the useless

Why visual designers should learn how to code, among other things

This may not be a fresh new subject to write about but sometimes my thoughts take a while to form, not to mention my opinions. One day you’re sure about something and the other one your opinion is changed by a well phrased article written by a gloriously bearded designer. But I digress.

So should designer learn how to code ? Absolutely. I know, ground breaking opinion. But hold on and refrain from hitting that close button just yet. I have more. I’m going to try and make this article worth your precious time...


Casual buyout

How Oculus left the hardcore gamers feeling betrayed

Let’s start with a bit of context. Facebook just bought oculus for $2B. The feedbacks were like what we are used to after a big buyout, satisfied or filed with rage, automatically blaming Facebook for ruining everything. I usually do not care too long about these announcements. I think about it for a few minutes and then it’s gone, lost in the torrent of my twitter feed. But this time it was different, I had an opinion, it was about gaming...