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Twitter Lite is a fun little project I worked on as an exercise/personal project. It has nothing to do with the actual Twitter brand.

The point of this exercise was to simplify the current Twitter app as much as possible while keeping its spirit and general branding. I tried to determine what I need as a user and what would be the perfect app for my needs.

As you can see below, I increased the white space a lot and removed a lot of the "clutter" carried by iOS status bar, secondary UI and navigation bars.

In this model, you'd have 3 primary screens, the default view, the menu and the "write tweet screen. You access the menu using a swipe from the left and you access the writing panel by swiping from the right.

Any selected panel rom the menu replaces the default/central view. I also cleaned up the profile section and added some search results.

All the screen shown below and the app icon are available to download as a freebie.

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