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Chrome M39 saw the biggest revamp for Chrome Android yet. Additionally to a full visual revamp inline with Material Design, the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop saw web sites and application promoted as a first class citizen at an OS level.
I was responsible for the redesign, production, implementation verification and overall visual design lead for this project.

I also wrote an in-depth article about the process of redesigning Chrome For Android, you can read it on my Medium.

System icons created by Jeff Stark, motion design created by Manuel Clement, illustration and first run by Alan Bettes.

Download the app on the Play store.

Toolbar theming is enabled in Chrome for Android, enabling developpers to customize Chrome UI to fit their content better. In thsi case we adapte the loader color accordingly. We also introduced an infinite loader (left image) for slow connections.

Contextual search enables the user to search Google from Chrome by simply taping the word on sentence he wants to have more information about. I created the Contextual search motion spec as well as first run motion spec, introducing the feature to the user.

Most recent icons in the new tab page brings favicon to the Chrome New tab page on both Android as well as iOS. Making a better use of the spacee than the previously used thumbnails and putting more emphasis on the web application high resolution favicons.

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