↤ Photography / Christmas in Paris

Like every Christmas, I went back to Paris this year; where I was born and where my family lives. This year was special due to the events that unravelled a month earlier, which deeply marked the Parisians mind but didn't kill the Christmas spirit. It was a warm Christmas, bathed in sunlight. I walked around for three days, taking some pictures of my favorited spots, and enjoying the Parisian cuisine.

Le louvre with a French Army squad
Le Grand Palais
Le Grand Palais
Le Grand Palais temporary fair
A Derby at le Grand Palais
The Arc de Triomphe
The great wheel at the bottom of the Champs Elysees.
The Louvre by night
Le Louvre from inside
The giant Christmas tree of the Gallery Lafayette
The Opera
Grand hotel and hotel Scribe
From the stairs of Montmartre
A painting Gallery in Montmartre
Another one from the Gallery
The Sacred Heart Basilisk (Sacre-coeur in French)
Looking south-west, towards the Montparnasse Tower.
The stairs towards the Sacred Heart.
Place de la Republique. Where people gathered after the Paris attacks of November
People and messages around the statue
The symbol of the french republic or "Marianne"
Vosges Square or "Place des Vosges"
Vosges Square or "Place des Vosges"
"Place des Vosges" Stree sign
Metro Street sign
Canal Saint Martin, close to the "Bastille"
The "Notre Dame" Cathedral from the Seine
The "Notre Dame" Cathedral
Paris from the Montparnasse Tower
Night falling
All lights on
Statue near the "Alexandre The 3rd" Bridge
A Pillar of the "Alexandee The 3rd" bridge
"Alexandre the 3rd" Bridge
The Eiffel tower and the river Seine
Air France offices
"The Invalides" entrance
Inside "The Invalides" church
"The Invalides" square
The Invalides' church coppola
"The invalides" entrance and the Eiffel Tower
An "Art Ludique" museum expo on the art in videos games
The Eiffel Tower at night
A the feet of the Eiffel Tower, scintillating for the holidays.