Designer at Google, working on Chrome, Chrome OS and Android. Writing things, twitting @kounterB and living in San Francisco. I also take pictures.

Chrome OS System menu

A case study into the design and specs of the latest revamp of the Chrome OS' system menu, the transient, core point of access of the core system features.

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Redesigning Chrome desktop

I published a quite lengthy article on the 2 years long process of redesigning the chrome desktop Core UI. I talk design process, relationship with engineering, technical details and lessons learned from the initial public and internal release.


Chrome MD for Mac OS

The new Chrome MD visual language landed on MacOS in July 2016 following its Chrome OS counterparts and bringing more consistency with both the new Chrome Core UI visual language as well as MacOS visual direction.

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Chrome MD for Windows

Final part of the Chrome redesign, Chrome Material design landed on Windows on Septembre 2016, bringingpolished design and hybrid mode to our biggest platform.

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Chrome Material design for Chrome OS

The latest iteration of Chrome Core UI visual design is available on Chrome OS and soon on other platforms. It includes a redesign of all Chrome components as well as a complete revamp of our implementation system. It is now more consistent with mobile, touchable with the new hybrid layout and with a cleaner look.

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Designer's guide to DPI

PPI or digital DPI is not an easy concept to grasp. As the number of devices we design and develop for grows and evolves in sometimes unexpected ways, understanding the basic notion of screen density and ratio is becoming key to deliver delightful user experiences.


Chrome OS Audio player

As part of a bigger Chrome OS revamp, the audio player too got its Material design revamp with new features, iconography and motion.

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The weight of design

I wrote a few words about something that have been in my mind for quite a bit now:
The weight of design within a product and my bias towards design as a solution.


Chrome Android redesign

A long read, two parts article, describing the decisions and design choices made during the Chrome Material redesign, shipped in october 2014. A year after the first announcement of Material Design (I/O 2014), this article is a post-mortem on what the Chrome team did to try and move the web forward on the Android platform, from my point of view as a the Visual design lead.


How I joined Google

A detailed Medium article in which I describe my experience and story on how I got to move from France to the US to work for Google from a very personal stand point. I also try to provide advices for young designers and anyone aspriring to live this experience too.


The Unsplash book

I'm glad to be an Unsplash book contributor. You can also see more of my photography here.

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Featured on People Over Heroes

My friend Roxane Clediere started a personnal project called "People Over Heroes" in which she interviews all kind of people, designer or not, to discover something about them through their favorite super hero. It's refreshing and her photographs are gorgeous. Featured as the second week of July interviewee, I talk about design, writing, Darth Vader and space.


Design Details podcast

Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin from the "Design Details podcast" invited Jean-marc Denis and I to talk about Google design, VR and Chrome. It was my first podcast ever and it was a very instructive and fun experience.